Three cheeky cats

Merri, Pippin and Daisy
Merri, Pippin and Daisy

Three cheeky cats come out to play

Daisy, Pippin and Merri.

But let me first tell you the story of Tom.

Whose end was quite sudden

And scary.

The story of Tom

This story takes place in the home of Dr Emma, the vet, from Wild Things VBS. She currently lives with husband Tim, two teenage kids, Paddy the dog and three cheeky cats.

But let's go back a few years and talk about Tom.

Tom and Daisy
Tom and Daisy

Tom first came to Dr Emma's house as a kitten with his sister Daisy. They were both adopted from the Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital.

Of the two kittens, Tom was the more mischievous. He:

  • climbed up the Christmas lights

  • chewed the phone cords

  • scratched the couches

  • peed on the bean bag.

He was also very social. He would:

  • Climb onto the basin in the bathroom and play with the water while Tim was shaving - and gently pat him on the top of his head with wet paws.

  • Play with neighbourhood's cats - and try to steal their toy mice.

  • Sleep on the neighbour's bed - if he managed to get into her house during the day.

Because of his antics, Tom was very special to the humans in the house and very much loved.

And, now here's the scary bit . . .

One day, Tom was chasing butterflies. With his eyes on the beautiful, flying insects, he ran out on to the road. Distracted, he did not look where he was going and ran straight in front of a car. He was just nine months old.

His human family was extremely sad. So sad, they still keep his ashes in a special box with a little mouse (a gift from the neighbour's cats) sitting on the top.

Daisy, Pippin and Merri

Now, back to the three cheeky cats.

For one year after Tom died, Daisy had the house to herself (except for Paddy, the dog). With her long soft hair and luscious looks, she received lots of cuddles. And although she missed Tom, it was the perfect home.

And then, one day Dr Emma appeared with two new kittens from the Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital - Merri and Pippin.

At first, they only visited on the weekend. They were very tiny and needed to learn how to socialise. Dr Emma's two kids provided gentle play and made an obstacle course for them to climb over. And then, of course, the family fell in love with the kitties. How could they resist?

So, Merri and Pippin were also adopted.

Both cheeky and mischievous, they had fun exploring their new home. It was just as well that Daisy and Paddy the dog were very tolerant. I guess it also helped that there was lots of space, and many beds (and humans) to share around.

As usual, with more than one pet, the dynamics were interesting. To this day, Merri does not like Daisy. Although they have been known to share a bed from time to time. Pippin remains madly in love with Paddy, the dog, cuddling up to him whenever he can. And Paddy the dog, although perhaps not so keen, continues to be kind to his little friend.


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