Three cheeky cats

Merri, Pippin and Daisy
Merri, Pippin and Daisy

Three cheeky cats come out to play

Daisy, Pippin and Merri.

But let me first tell you the story of Tom.

Whose end was quite sudden

And scary.

The story of Tom

This story takes place in the home of Dr Emma, the vet, from Wild Things VBS. She currently lives with husband Tim, two teenage kids, Paddy the dog and three cheeky cats.

But let's go back a few years and talk about Tom.

Tom and Daisy
Tom and Daisy

Tom first came to Dr Emma's house as a kitten with his sister Daisy. They were both adopted from the Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital.

Of the two kittens, Tom was the more mischievous. He:

  • climbed up the Christmas lights