Sylvester the cat

Meet Sylvester the cat - a bundle of energy, extremely curious and lots of fun.

Sylvester was adopted from the Woodend Veterinary Centre when he was five months old. One look at his sweet little face and I could not go home without him.

Sylvester's new home includes two adults, a teenage boy and two mature cats. Yes, this little kitty is the intruder, but from day one he has tried so hard to fit in.

Day one

When he first came to the house, the resident cats (Shadow and Misty) did not quite know what to make of him.

He chased their tails. He took their chairs. He tried to eat their food. Thank goodness he was shut away in the bathroom for some of the time.

The next few weeks

Over the next few weeks, Sylvester just kept on being Sylvester. Little by little, day by day he began to explore his new environment.

Exploring outside

Although we don't have a large backyard, all of the cats love getting outside. The courtyard has a number of large trees and lots of interesting places to explore.

Because Sylvester is not used to our house and I don't want him to escape onto the street, I always go outside with him. This is not so fun at 6 am on a winter's morning, but fine on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon.

At first, I kept him in a harness and lead to stop him dashing up a tree or climbing under the gate. But, after a while, he seemed happy to explore within the confines of his new home and so I took them off - replacing them with a collar and tag with my phone number on it.

Exploring inside

As the new cat in the house, inside is just as interesting as out of doors. All the chairs, tables, couches, toilets and sinks get climbed on. All the shoes laces, leads and strings get chewed. All other cats in the house get pounced on. He is relentless - and sometimes has to be separated from his target, for his own good.

Forever at play

Like a toddler, this little man is forever at play - chasing, jumping, prowling and rolling around in front of the heater. All the cat toys in the house have found a new life and the older cats (at times) even pretend to join in the fun.

Tuckered out

With every bust of energy comes the need for a nap. You will often find him flopped down somewhere snoring or curled up in some other comfortable place.

Trying to make friends

From the very beginning, Sylvester has tried to make friends with the other two cats. No matter how much he gets hissed at or swiped, he keeps on coming back for more - creeping up beside a sitting cat, or trying to get as close as he can to the one who is asleep.

He loves company and the four legged creatures in the house are much more interesting than the humans.

After dinner at night

After dinner at night, it's time to watch TV. Cuddled up on the couch with a human or sitting on his own special chair, he can be very cute. Then off to the bathroom to sleep in his own bed. You can almost see the other two cats breath a sigh of relief as the bathroom door closes, and they can settle down to relax and enjoy the temporary peace and quiet.

Why did I choose to adopt?

I chose to adopt Sylvester because I could not go home without him. And in just one month, this feisty, friendly, unstoppable little cat has purred his way into his new family's heart. Well done, little man.


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