Show Me Your Kitty!

Comedian Chelsea White has announced a new season of her cat-themed web series, Show Me Your Kitty, the first four episodes of which are available to stream now.

Described by MTV as 'more entertaining than a laser pointer on a sack of catnip', Show Me Your Kitty finds White talking to friends, celebrities and other respected members of the community all about their kitties.

'I’ve had some of the best interviews of my career with cats,' said White when asked why she created Show Me Your Kitty in 2014. 'I just feel like people underestimate how articulate cats can be. They’re much less inhibited than humans, and usually more witty if we’re being honest.' Each episode of Kitty features White visiting the apartments of cat owners and learning all about their feline companions, all the while playing games such as 'Are You Kittying Me?' (a lightning round of true or false questions about cats) and 'Purrr-fect Match' (a kitty-friendly take on the Newlywed Game).

This season of Show Me Your Kitty will feature more of the interviews and cat puns that fans have come to expect and love. Watch the purrr-fect third season of Show Me Your Kitty on YouTube now.

A taste of Season 3

Episode 1: Damien Fahey & Grasie Mercedes and Dakota & Gazpacho

In this episode Family Guy writer and former MTV VJ and host of TRL Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey) and actor, writer, and content creator Grasie Mercedes (@GrasieMercedes) introduce Chelsea to their kitties Dakota and Gazpacho. They chat Dakota’s big purrrsonality, Gazpacho’s scaredy cat-ness, manicures for cats, how dog-person Grasie warmed up to kitties, and play a round of Total Purrrquest Live!