Meowndfulness Meditation

Last Thursday evening, it was back to Neko HQ for a meditation class with a meow of a difference but a whole lot of fun!

The trainer

Irene is a qualified meditation trainer from The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA. In the past, she has run residential workshops in Byron Bay. Currently, she runs weekend workshops in Sydney and monthly meditations with a small group of friends. She also holds other meditation classes for groups (who know what she does).

Irene has two rescue cats:

  • Machiavelli (Mac) - a beautiful, big, black cat who was left by his mum in the gutter of the house next door

  • Minerva (Mini) - who came from Pet Haven.

Irene's daughter, Shari, volunteers at Maneki Neko Cat Rescue and asked if she would run a class at the Cat Lounge. Of course, Irene agreed . . . and so Meowndfulness Meditation was born.

The meditation class

Meowndfulness Meditation is currently on every Thursday in May at the Cat Lounge. It starts at 6.30 pm and includes an extra 30 minutes of cats and cuddles - as well as the class.

For $18 you get to spend time with 15-20 friendly cats, and relax on a comfortable couch while Irene leads the meditation. There is a different meditation every week. Some weeks, Irene plays Metamusic (music with tones added to it) to help people relax even more.

The cats

Usually, when there are people in the Cat Lounge, the cats are quite playful and like to 'perform' for their visitors. But during the meditation class, their behaviour seems to change.

For instance, when Irene arrives, everyone sits around quietly. Then, both humans and cats make themselves comfortable and get ready to listen.

As the humans shut their eyes and relax - so do the cats. Irene thinks that the Hemi-Sync technology must also help to settle the cats.

Of course, there are always one or two who like to be different. While some cats meditate, some cats jump up for a cuddle. And, this little fur baby kept meowing and nuzzling my ear until I opened my eyes and gave him some attention!

What about you?

Would you meditate in a room full of cats? If you would like to come to one of Irene's Meowndfulness Meditation classes, get a ticket here. For more information, please contact Neko HQ.


All money from these classes goes to Maneki Neko Cat Rescue to help continue their good work.

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