Meet Shari

Shari is both a volunteer and a foster carer for Maneki Neko Cat Rescue. In her other life, Shari is a Program Manager at Melbourne University where she runs orientation and employability training for students.

How she got involved

About 18 months ago, Shari realised she had settled into a good routine at work and began looking for something else to do. So she volunteered to work one day a week at Neko HQ. Now, every Sunday, she arrives in time to help feed the kitties, clean and change their litter boxes, vacuum and clean The Cat Lounge, turn on all the TVs and set up the retail store and gallery. The rest of the day is spent welcoming the visitors that come to the Lounge.

Shari has also just moved into a four bedroom house, and so she finally has the space to look after foster cats and kittens in her home.

Likes and dislikes

Shari loves mostly working with the cats, particularly the shy cats. They all have such individual personalities. The only downside is the smell if there are any boy kittens in the house. According to Shari, the boy kitties think that 'close enough is good enough' when it comes to the litter tray . . . and they NEVER stop to clean up their own mess!

A favourite story

Image source: @catsofdavidstreet

Shari met Sammy at Maneki Neko Cat Rescue. This lovely cat had already been to three different foster homes. He was extremely shy and kept hiding all the time. However, when Shari took Sammy home to meet her partner, Simon, it was love at first sight! So, Sammy was adopted! He now lives with two humans and a clowder of cats. He has also become the 'big mother hen' of the household - very bossy and completely in charge.

Follow Sammy on Instagram

You can follow Sammy (and all of the other cats of David Street) on Instagram @catsofdavidstreet

Image source: @catsofdavidstreet

How you can help

If you would like to become a foster carer or a volunteer at Maneki Neko Cat Rescue:


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