Molly the Instagram star

From very humble beginnings, Molly has become an Instagram star. Here we talk with her human, Ben, about where he first met Molly and what she is like to live with.

Interview with Ben

THE BIG MEOW: Hi Ben, Molly is such a beautiful cat. Where did you find her?

BEN: I was looking for a new housemate on All Creatures Rescue and Rehab and there she was! In the end, I had to drive out to Kangaroo Ground, Victoria to adopt her, but it was worth it.

THE BIG MEOW: So, why Molly? What special something made you decide to take her home?

BEN: She was SO CUTE! Chooch (my previous cat) had just died and I was looking for a cat that looked like him. The only doubt I had was that Molly had medium hair and not long hair. But, she was SO CUTE. It just felt right.

THE BIG MEOW: What was it like when she first came home?

BEN: She had a quick explore and then disappeared under the bed for three days. I had to hand feed her biscuits and put her in the litter box (which she did not use). Then, on the third night she came out - and everything was OK.

THE BIG MEOW: What is Molly like to live with now?

BEN: She is a real snuggle bunny. She waits for me to come home and meows until I pick her up. Then, leans in for a purr and a cuddle! At night she settles down beside me, when I sit on the couch, for more cuddles.

THE BIG MEOW: Is there an adventurous side to Molly?

BEN: She does like to wander outside, but I have to keep her close or on a lead. We live in a flat and it is not safe for her to roam freely. The road outside is too busy.

THE BIG MEOW: So tell me about Molly's Instagram Account.

BEN: Molly's account is @mollythetuxedo. I am not really surprised that people like her. She is such a fluffy, cuddly cat. She's also very photogenic.

Molly from @mollythetuxedo
Image source: @mollythetuxedo

THE BIG MEOW: Molly also features in another Instagram account, doesn't she?

BEN: Yes. Her photograph often appears in @purrrfectcatsitter with all the other cats I look after in Fitzroy North. I have been cat sitting now since 2009 and an Instagram account seemed like the best way to showcase all those beautiful kitties.

Molly from @purrfectcatsitter
Image source: @purrrfecatsitter

THE BIG MEOW: Thanks for that, Ben. Now, the last question. Would you recommend adopting a homeless cat to anyone else?

BEN: Absolutely! The best cats ever are adopted. They come in all shapes and sizes and even if you are looking for a particular type of cat, you will find them. Let's not forget that by adopting a cat you are also saving one more kitty from being put down.

BEN: Oh - before we go . . . here is a drawing of Molly that someone drew for me. It's a good likeness, isn't it?

THE BIG MEOW: Wow! That's fantastic, Ben. A very talented artist - and a very beautiful cat.


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