Holly and the 'way of the cat'

Holly is nine years old and lives with four humans. She was adopted from the Cat Protection Society of Victoria when she was eight weeks old.

Her human family are 'dog people', but had just lost their furry friend. They were thinking about getting another dog until one of the family asked for a cat instead. And just like that - their life changed! They met Holly.

When Holly first came

When Holly first came to her new home she was very timid and a little bit aggressive. But the humans quickly fell in love with her and did everything they could to help her feel at home.

Now, nine years later, Holly is a much-loved, happy cat who likes to sit in boxes, on top of cupboards and look out windows - and keep her humans well under control.

The way of the cat

Holly is very proud that she has been able to educate her humans in 'the way of the cat'. For instance, as dog people, they expected her to come when called. Imagine! They tried everything from treats to hugs and were often offended when she did not oblige. 'She doesn't like us!' they cried.

At first, Holly ignored them. She was the boss, after all! Then, she decided that perhaps a little training was required. It was important for them to understand that although she loved them dearly, she still had a mind of her own. She would have to use the 'going outside routine' . . .

And so to this day, Holly meows at the back door when she wants to go outside. However, instead of going out when the door opens, she walks around the sofa . . and the chair . . . and the dining table . . . before strolling slowly into the backyard. Purrrfect!

Favourite time of the day

Holly's favourite time of the day is when the family sits down to watch TV. She loves a nice, warm lap to curl up on.

If there is only one lap to sit on, Holly is very happy. But, if there is more than one lap on the sofa, Holly gets confused. How is she supposed to know where to sit?

According to Holly, the only way to fix this problem is to try them all. Sniff, sniff, turn, turn, knead, knead . . . lap by lap, around she goes until she finds her place of rest.

Still wonderful

Holly's family chose to adopt a rescue kitten because they wanted to save a life. And, nine years later - they still think Holly is wonderful!


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