Charlie and Nala

Charlie and Nala live at the same address. They share with five humans and two other furry friends - a very lively household.

The four furry friends
The four furry friends! (L-R) Nala, Charlie, Billy the dog and Gracie

Charlie's story

Charlie was adopted from the RSPCA not long after the death of a beloved kitty cat. So, Charlie is a rescue cat in more than one way - he was 'rescued', but he also 'rescued' the family from feeling so sad.

Playful, mischievous and very social, Charlie settled into his new home straight away. He wasn't at all shy. Instead, he embarked on a trail of playful destruction. He:

  • Chewed the cords on the Roman blinds.

  • Scratched all the fabric under the couch so severely that it tore and had to be replaced.

  • Climbed the fly screens and knocked them down (too heavy).

  • Damaged the corners of the fabric couches.

Despite all of this mischief, he is a very likeable cat. He loves to sit on shoulders. Any shoulder. Anywhere.

He is also quite empathetic. If you sit down, he is there. If you are not feeling well or unhappy, he is there. Giving out good cat vibes. Keeping you company.

Nala's story

Nala was the last cat to arrive at the house. She was first spotted on Pet Rescue and then adopted from Pet Haven in Woodend, Victoria.

It did not take long for this little lady to settle into her new home. She was quite confident, considering she had to fit in with two other cats and a dog.

She is now close friends with Charlie and loves Billy the dog - although Billy is not so enamoured by her. She does not get on with Gracie (the other female cat) - but there is plenty of space.

Nala is still a bit timid around strangers and tends to hide when visitors arrive. She is also a comfort queen and loves to sleep on her back -anywhere and everywhere!

If she's in the same room as you overnight (and the door is shut) she will jump up on the bed and sit right next to your face to wake you up. If this doesn't work she will scratch at the door - until you get up and open it!

All the humans in this household agree that if you love cats then adopting is a great thing to do. 'You gain as much as you give', they said.


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