Life is better with a cat

Did you know that owning a cat is one of the best things you can do? It is good for the health and good for the soul. And, while a dog may be man's best friend, cats come with some unique benefits of their own.

So cat people - feel validated! Here are some of the reasons why life is better with a cat.

Cats have a smaller carbon footprint

If you are concerned about the environment, it is better to own a cat than a dog. In 2009, a study by Robert and Brenda Vale found that the resources needed to feed a medium-sized dog throughout its life create the same carbon footprint as a Land Cruiser. While cats, which are smaller and eat less, have the carbon footprint of a small hatchback.

Cats are good for the heart

Living with a cat is good for the heart. A study at the University of Minnesota found that owning a cat may reduce your risk of heart attack by 30%. How? The act of petting a cat calms the nerves. It also lowers the stress levels, which in turn, helps protect against heart disease.

Cats have a healing purr

A cat's purr is within a range of 20-140 Hz and is known to have healing properties. The vibrations work on the human body to promote bone strength, strengthen soft tissue in muscles and tendons and help heal infection and swelling.

Cats help prevent allergies

Research has proven that children, raised with cats from an early age, are less likely to have allergies. And, not just pet allergies, also other types of common allergies, such as allergy to dust mites, pollen and grass.

Cats are low maintenance

Cats help you to lead a stress-free life. They are less excitable than a dog and very low maintenance. There is no need to plan your life around the need to let your cat outside to do their business, or take them for a walk. They can be left alone all day - and most prefer it that way.

Cats defend the home

Cats will defend your home from mice, insects and bugs . Even if they cannot catch the pesky intruders, they will at least alert you to the problem so that you can deal with it.

Cats are good company

Cats are are good company for people of all ages. They are affectionate and cuddly. They initiate contact (without any slobber) and remember kindness. Although independent, they like to stay close if you are around. After thousands of years of domestication, cats have also learned how to make a half purr/half howl sound that sounds much like a human baby's cry. And, since our brains are programmed to respond to children in distress, it is almost impossible to ignore what a cat wants when it demand it.

Cats offer unconditional love

Children or adults with social disorders can benefit can benefit from having a cat. Those with autism benefit by spending time and communicating with an animal that doesn't judge them. A cat's love is unconditional. It gives them a safe social interaction every time.

Cats help you cope

In times of illness or bereavement, a cat can help you cope. Whether you are feeling low, or just had a bad day at work, cats are very intuitive to human emotions. Most will cuddle right up, and offer a furry shoulder to cry on, and all the comfort they can give.

Cats make you laugh

Cats are cute and cuddly. They are also stars of the internet - the subject of countless memes, videos and photos. Their crazy antics make us laugh and provide a much-needed break from all the serious stuff that happens in life.


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