It all started with a tent

Seventeen years ago, a cat named Radar strolled into a tent in North Fitzroy.

'A tent?' you say. 'I thought there were houses in that part of town. Who lives in a tent, these days?'

Well, yes. The tent was in the back courtyard of an inner-city house. Living in the house were two small boys. And most people with small children know that a tent is a great place to play.

Now, back to the cat.

Much to the delight of her new human friends, Radar made herself at home in the tent. Then, when the boys brought her a saucer of milk, it was an easy decision to stay.

But, this story is not just about boys and tents. Radar had a secret. She was pregnant and was looking for somewhere comfortable and safe. She needed a good home and someone to take care of her for a while.

Radar soon gave birth to three kittens. Then, before the humans could take her to the vet, she gave birth to three more.

'Yes', thought Radar. 'I HAVE made a good decision. This house is a VERY nice place to stay!'

The human family of three now lived with a clowder of seven cats - Radar, Wallis, Oscar, Lucinda, Moet, Champagne (Champie) and Blackie! And although the humans loved them all, 'seven' is a lot of cats to live in any house . . .

So, Oscar and Lucinda went to live with a friend. And, for a while, the five cats and three humans lived happily together. With warm beds and laps, good food and cuddles, trees, plants and roofs to climb - who in their right cat mind would want to stray?

But, sadly, one evening, Radar and Moet disappeared. And, despite much sadness and searching, they were never found. It appeared they had just gone away.

The years went by, and the small boys also grew, finished school, got jobs and left home.

But all is not lost. The three cats stayed. Wallis, Champie and Blackie, now sixteen years old, still have a family and a human to love. Look at them below. This couch is one of their favourite places.


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