Every little bit counts!

For months now, bushfires have ravaged Australia. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people have been disrupted, misplaced or destroyed. Property decimated. Whole streets and towns wiped out. Acres of bush and farmland burnt to the ground. Untold numbers of livestock injured or killed. Millions of native habitats and wildlife just gone.

As a city-dweller, I have looked on with great sadness as the story unfolds. As a family, we have donated money. And, it is absolutely heart-warming to see the billions dollars that are being raised by politicians, the arts, local businesses, celebrities and other everyday Australians, like myself. Also amazing is the generosity of spirit, as communities embrace the misplaced, and countless volunteers work around the clock to help out where they can.

One such organisation is the Animal Rescue Craft Guild - #animalrescuecraftguild. A friend invited me to join their Facebook page -@arfsncrafts - and stories began flooding in of crafters from around the world sewing, knitting and crocheting pouches, wraps, nests and beds to help the injured wildlife of Australia.

So, Sylvester and I have decided to help out. Some downloaded patterns and donated fabric, a quick trip to Spotlight, and we should be on our way.

Watch this space!

If you are a crafter and would like to join in - visit the Animal Rescue Craft Guild. For, as we all know - Every little bit counts!

Four months later . . .

Finally finished and posted off to the Animal Rescue Craft Guild! To my furry Australian friends. With love and whiskers. Sylvester the Cat.


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